Zenmate VPN is best for multiple smart devices with an incredibly, simple interface and easy setup.

  • Trusted by 45+ Million Users Worldwide.
  • Unblock all streaming services.
  • Protect unlimited devices.
  • Military-Graded encryption.
  • Server located in 78+ countries.








Zenmate is a VPN service that’s been around since 2013 with an incredibly, simple interface and easy setup. Zenmate lets you get up and running in no time.

Zenmate is very easy to set up. The installation is as simple as a few clicks it only takes a minute or two to set up. Once installed all you have to do is choose your server location and you can browse away safely and put no restrictions. Zenmate works with Netflix to ensure you can watch your favorite show even better, it also lets you stream with a variety of other services including Google, BBC, Andorra, and several international streaming sites that are regionally blocked. Zenmate is concerned about their user’s security and privacy. This VPN encrypts all your information is strong 128-bit encryption. Meaning that no one knows what you’re sending but you.

Zenmate also includes a no data leak feature, as well as a kill switch that can cut your connection often. It detects that your data if it’s insecure. Unfortunately, Zenmate doesn’t offer as many options for localities as one of those competitors, however, that make does offer some great free options and 78+ different countries, so its premium subscriptions with 2600 separate servers to choose from, no matter which server you connect from. Your connection rarely drops off. You can still enjoy all the perks of a VPN with none of the downsides. Zenmate includes a malware blocker and its VPN. Extra security which not a lot of other competitors think about.

Zenmate also offers unlimited bandwidth and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The company even has browser plug-ins if you’re just interested in protecting your browser if you want to try out Zenmate latest premium features, the company has a great 7-day free trial. With

They also offer you three options to subscribe. You can choose the formal monthly, yearly or three-year option, while their price is cheaper than their alternatives. Their service is easy all-inclusive and features with a simple, straightforward interface

Users enjoy their easy to use software and are happy with how effective, it’s streaming and keeping data Safe.

Enjoy and protect an unlimited number of devices at great speed

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How you can easily and securely surf the internet using Zenmate VPN?

The VPN client starts when you double click the Zenmate VPN desktop icon.

A few seconds later, the client is ready for use, surfing the internet fast and anonymous. Using Zenmate VPN is only a click away, just hits a shield button and Zenmate VPN will search the fastest server in your area. The connection gets quickly established and from that point on you can browse the internet using an anonymous IP address.

Your original IP address is no longer visible to third parties and all the data that you transmit are securely encrypted.

The Zenmate VPN client has a local search. This function is especially useful for accessing films, serious and TV programs that are available only in certain countries.

In search, you can specifically search for a server in a certain country

For Example:

if you wish to watch HBO go serious or other American streaming portals

Choose “United States” by clicking the little star. You can add this country to your favorites and expedite future searches. As soon as a connection gets established your computer will be assigned a new public IP address and your original IP address will be masked. All the data that you transmit are securely encrypted from now on. Your location is shown as the US for outside parties.

To see useful information about your subscription, simply clicks a user logo. This way you always keep an overview over the duration of your VPN protection. With just a few clicks, you can quickly extend your subscription or change the subscription model.

Under the settings tab, you can set up how and when your VPN client should establish a secure connection. You can for example setups on your computer automatically establish a secure connection when it starts up. In addition to the presented Windows version, Zenmate also offers a version for Mac smartphones and tablets. We hope you enjoy using Zenmate VPN.

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