Voice Control Faucet

Voice Control Faucet is a new device for your kitchen, that works as an assistant to make cooking and cleaning as easy as it can possibly be. The faucet can almost read your mind giving you access to hands-free controls when you need them the most. You’ll no longer be getting raw meat or vegetable smudges all over your faucet. Voice controls make this faucet over the top allowing you to turn the water on or off no matter where you are in the room. Best of all the faucet can measure the water as it pours it.

For example, you could say give me a cup of water and the faucet will pour exactly eight ounces of water into the container. The spring-powered spray nozzle will also easily retract into the head of the faucet keeping your countertops nice and tidy without any cleanup.





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Cromado, Negro mate, Negro, (Black stainless), Resistente al punto inoxidable



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