• Top Sound
  • Elegant Design
  • Trueplay tuning, Multiroom integration
  • Connection with Assistant and Alex
  • Clear mobile application
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection


Sonos One Overview

The American brand Sonos has managed to build a decent reputation in the segment of audio technology and multiroom sound system. She based her philosophy on first-class design, top sound, and also on comfortable wireless communication. In this review, we take a look at the 2nd generation Sonos One speaker, which is among the most affordable in the Sonos range.

Sonos One Design

The elegant design with meticulous attention to detail has brought Sonos to the top, and the One speaker will definitely not be the one that will jeopardize a hard-won position. Everything fits together exactly, fits as it should, and as a whole creates a holistic impression.

You can choose from two color variants – black and white. I dare say that one or the other color variant will fit into almost every household. Personally, I prefer the tested variant white, on which the deposited dust and prints are not so visible. With dimensions of 119.7 x 161.45 x 119.7 mm and a weight of 1850 grams, it can fit practically anywhere.

Sonos One Features

In terms of technical specifications, Sonos is secretive. On the contrary, what he likes to boast about are the possibilities of control. The most convenient option is voice control, both through Google Assistant and through Alex. If you don’t want to talk about speakers, you can still reach for the application from the manufacturer and in extreme cases, it is possible to use the touchpads with buttons at the top.

You can change the volume, stop or start playback, or call up the voice assistant directly from the speaker. Sonos solves song skipping elegantly – there are touch buttons on the desktop for basic control, and if necessary, gestures can also be used by dragging your finger on the upper surface.

In any case, one of the most important functions is the integration into your multiroom system, ie the possibility to play the same or completely different music in all rooms. The speakers can be connected either wirelessly or via an RJ-45 network cable. iPhone users will definitely appreciate the support of AirPlay 2 technology.

It’s also easy to pair multiple Sonos speakers together. This is where the real magic comes from when it pays to reach straight for two pieces. As the saying goes – it’s easier to pull in two and with two speakers you can enjoy stereo sound. Together with the Trueplay function, a relatively elegantly high-quality speaker system is possible.

Trueplay allows you to “scan” the room in which the speakers are located and adjust the sound based on the sound profile of the room. It seems like a trifle, but it has quite a significant effect on the quality of playback. Although one speaker is quite sufficient.

An ideal companion to the soundbar

The Sonos One speaker is not waterproof, but it has at least partial resistance to moisture. In practice, therefore, It should not mind operating in a bathroom or hood, for example. So if you want to enjoy listening to music during the shower, for example, you can place the Sonos One in the bathroom (of course in a dry place), and it is also great for “distributing” the sound to other rooms in your apartment or house. All it needs for its functionality is the availability of Wi-Fi and an electrical outlet.

But the best combination at all is in conjunction with the Sonos soundbar – whether you have a basic Sonos Beam ( review ) or a premium Sonos Arc ( review ) at home, it’s a great sound experience. In this case, two Sonosas One in combination with a soundbar will take care of the perfect surround sound. I tested the speakers with the Sonos Beam soundbar and this combination came to me perfectly.

But it is definitely not cheap, because the Sonos Beam costs around CZK 12,000 and one Sonos One costs approximately CZK 6,300. In addition, the most demanding can add an extremely powerful Sonos Sub subwoofer to the home cinema, which has an absolutely top-notch bass performance. Just watch out for the price, which is around CZK 21,500.

Sonos One Controls

Like any other Sonos speakers, the One is smart and the manufacturer offers a well-designed mobile application. In addition to setting up and integrating speakers into your home network, you also sign in to streaming service accounts such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and more. You also connect voice assistants from Google and Amazon.  Only in the case of Alex, sometimes it is necessary to set the region to the United States, otherwise it will not work for you.

There is a microphone at the top of the speaker. If you don’t want to use it, you can deactivate it by clicking on the dedicated space on the top area. Alternatively, you can buy a cheaper version of the Sonos One SL without an integrated microphone. Unfortunately, if you connect two Sonos One to a sound bar, you can only use the microphone from the soundbar to control the voice assistant, not the Sonos One, which is a shame.

For example, when I’m sitting on a couch in front of TV about 5 meters away, I have to raise my voice so that the soundbar can even record the word “Alexa”. At the same time, I have two Sonos One speakers a short distance from each other, each with its own microphone, which is unfortunately switched off in the home theater mode and cannot be activated in any way. In other words, you can use the speaker, perfect for the voice control of a smart home, but once you plug it into a home theater with a soundbar.

The application is clear and intuitive. Above all, I can highlight the Trueplay function, with which you walk around the room and map the acoustic space. But there is also an equalizer or alarm setting.

Sonos One Sound Quality

The sound is the most important thing about speakers, and Sonos One definitely has something to offer. At first glance, you may not even know why the Sonos brand is so praised, but you will immediately understand when you turn on the music. The sound is simply great and you will fall in love with it almost immediately. Excavators can tune the equalizer a bit more.

For smaller dimensions, decent bass will surprise, which are very accurate and do not tend to suppress other components. Higher volume is also not a problem for them and they will definitely not strain the Sonos One. Wednesdays are clean and clear, so you can enjoy the voice of your favorite artist for better or worse. The treble is also at a great level, only true lovers of classical music could have a few objections.

Overall, the musical expression is balanced and prepared for almost any musical genre. The Stereo mode takes playback one level up, so don’t hesitate for a second if you have the option.

Sonos One











  • Top Sound
  • Elegant Design
  • Multiroom Integration
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection


  • You cannot use the microphone in home theater mode
  • No Bluetooth Support

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