Roborock S6 is the best robot vacuum for carpet and pet hair with strong suction, It is 20 percent better than the older model it can vacuum and mop and if you like you can configure your cleaning routes by selecting where you want to vacuum or you can create virtual barriers so Roborock S6 stays away from that area you want to protect or you don’t want to vacuum or mop.


Roborock S6 has state-of-the-art integrated laser sensors that automatically mop or vacuum your house with incredible suction power. It can automatically map the rooms and determine its own route to vacuum so if you don’t want to, you really don’t have to do anything.

Roborock S6 has modern and interesting features to it. The awesome attribute is its powerful suction strength, which can effortlessly vacuum up every speck of soil, pet hair, or debris from hardwood floors and from deep inside carpets. Roborock S6 is fifty percent quieter than its predecessor Roborock S5 and, of course, besides vacuuming, Roborock S6 also had mops as it comes with a snap-on mop module which has a built-in water tank that allows water to flow evenly as it mops and shines your floor.

Whenever you want to mop using Roborock S6, just grab the mopping module and put some water inside it and simply attach it to your robot ‘s back. You also get a bunch of reusable and disposable mop pads, so whether you want to vacuum or mop the Roborock S6 is getting it done. By the way, the main brush located at the bottom of Roborock s6 that does most of the cleaning can be easily removed and cleaned to prevent hair entanglement and floor damage ensuring that six runs efficiently over a long period of time. Now one more thing about the Roborock S6 is that it is 20 percent faster than the generation before it. It uses a special planned Z-shaped path to adapt a super-efficient route to clean every single room as quickly as possible. It mops out all your rooms using laser sensors as you can see in the app and that’s why it can calculate the fastest possible cleaning routes by using the planned pattern in Z shape because of that precise laser sensors it is also capable of selectively cleaning which means that Roborock S6 can recognize a room after it maps it out. It can smartly tell if that is in your kitchen, living room, or dining room at any time.

Another pretty amazing feature on Roborock s6 is that you can create virtual barriers or no-go zones right inside your app, just use the app to create a no-go zone and Soborock S6 won’t vacuum or mop that area, so it’s great if you don’t want it to go to some areas in your house to protect some decorative items. If some rooms have a hardwood floor sand floor so that the robot can climb any obstacles up to 2 centimeters in height so that transition from a hardwood floor to a carpet or vice versa is not an issue. Roborock also has a huge battery capacity of 5200 mAH hours which allows it to vacuum continuously for 2.5 hours and, if the battery starts to die, it will automatically return to its dock to recharge before it operates.

The Roborock S6 also has many other sensors, such as a compass accelerator, infrared cliff sensors and more so it can even avoid falling out of the stairs. Roborock won’t fall down the stairs and you can just let it do its job and, of course, always make it really simple because you can quickly extract and wash the dust bin and filter if it gets full or needs a quick cleaning.

Roborock works with Amazon Alexa so you can give it voice commands that you can say things like cleaning the kitchen or anything that you can do with Amazon Alexa’s voice control. You can also easily use an app control to review your exact map cleaning route in real-time so you can see what the vacuum does as it does from another space or from a different place anytime you want.

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