D’Link Mini WiFi HD Camera

D-Link Mini WiFi HD Camera is an incredible HD camera that you can control through Wi-Fi allowing you to keep in touch with your home, office, or business no matter where you are. This camera is less than four inches tall so we can easily fit into any room you could imagine.

It can easily connect to your phone or tablet using the d-link app. This gives you instant access to your camera feed no matter where you are. You’ll never have to worry about break-ins because you’ll be able to capture footage of everything in real-time and respond accordingly. This camera can film in resolutions up to 720p HD and will send push notifications directly to your device.

The camera can detect noise as well so if there’s ever a disturbance in your home or business you’ll be notified instantly. The live recording is also available so you can save video files that are most important to you. An infrared night vision camera is also built-in allowing you to record footage of any room in your home whether it’s day or night.

These cameras are super small and easy to hide away so you can place them all over the place without them ever being noticed.



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