Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

controls any faucet in your home using nothing more than a virtual assistant or smartphone app. You can hook up sprinklers or other outdoor devices so you can instantly turn them on without having to get wet or even leave your home.

All it takes to water your garden is a simple voice command like Siri turn on the garden sprinkler. Your sprinkler will instantly turn on and take the hard work out of gardening. To make things even better eve aqua can be set up to run on a schedule so that you never need to remember when to water your plants or take care of other watering needs.

You can use the smartphone app to set up a schedule that works best for you whether that’s in the day or night. The app can also track your water consumption, so you can keep up with costs and help conserve water in dry climates. One of the most amazing features about this setup is you can control your garden, whether you’re at home or work so you can make sure your plants stay in tip-top shape whether you’re on vacation or hanging out with friends.



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